Perhaps Morrison’s biggest and loudest rant last week was to berate NSW ICAC and tell us how unfairly Gladys Berejiklian has been treated. This is a woman under serious investigation for abuse of public office while Premier of the State, a woman who the Liberals allegedly want to parachute into the Federal seat of Warringah to stand against Zali Steggall, an outstanding independent member of Parliament

Had Gladys Berejiklian been discreet, truthful and used the good judgment we expect from politicians, and even more so from a Premier, she would have avoided ICAC. Not recalling some of the telephone conversations she had with her disgraced former partner Daryl Maguire is unbelievable, considering the tone and content of the conversations.

Whether there is any serious breach of trust and/or propriety by Berejiklian we are yet to find out but the fact remains that she is unsuitable for public office. Someone close to Morrison would do well to suggest he tone down the Gladys rhetoric, at least until the ICAC findings are released however, I doubt he would listen.