Once again Scott Morrison and his government have fallen well short of expectations and what is required with the announcement of the long awaited policy for electric vehicles.

Morrison seemed to have moved away from his disparaging ‘ruined weekend’ remarks made at the last election and many of us hoped that with the first climate policy announcement since he attended COP26 there would actually be something to really make a difference. Instead there will be no financial or taxation support for people switching to cleaner electric vehicles, rather, again Morrison will draw on technology to provide the solutions. The same reliance on technology that has seen tens of millions of tax payers money given to fossil fuel companies to research artificial carbon capture and storage – a technology that despite years of R&D still does not work. (see Rockflat paper on Carbon Capture and Storage)

It’s too little and too late. Does this man or his government really have any idea of the very serious situation we are facing in a very few years’ time? I think not!