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Most of us become dissatisfied with the behaviour and decisions of our elected federal representatives at different times and sometimes over different issues, so, I’m here to tell you that there is something you can do about it.

The  first step is to do some research on your local member.  Ask your friends and workmates what they think of their representative. Check the website of your local member to make sure they are cognisant of local and broader issues that are current.

Make an effort to let your local member know (email or telephone) that you are conscious of, and unhappy with matters such as the opaque nature of politics and political decisions in Canberra, the lack of any real action to protect society from the effects that will come from climate change and global warming, the lack of female representation at many levels of government, or any other global-type issue that you feel needs some action.

Something will be done. Your local members are where they are because of YOU. You are entitled to ask your local member to act on your behalf, because they are responsible to you before their party. You are the one that will make the changes, not the local member, they are acting for you and your needs and desires for your community come first absolutely and completely.

In order to get a positive reaction, it is important to focus on broader issues rather than any smaller local issues that could be a problem. The local issues will be sorted out when we pull our representatives into line and get them doing their job. The broader issues include things like the lack of disclosure about important issues and policies, government inaction of issues that are strongly supported by all sides of the community, such as global warming and the government’s inaction. Never forget that you have the power through the ballot box.