Whether you believe the science or not, the climate is warming at an abnormal rate. I say abnormal to distinguish between the rapid rate of warming today as opposed to historical climate changes in the past as well as seasonal changes we see throughout every year. Climate has always changed, and always will. Changes in climate were gradual over hundreds, if not thousands of years prior to the Industrial Revolution – today we are seeing significant rises in world temperatures almost from year to year due to human causes.

For those who are still skeptical about climate change and human involvement, it is now past the time when denial of global warming is an option. So whether you believe or not, accept that cleaner air, drinkable water, more abundant and healthy food and less desertification on the planet are desirable goals.

This website was born out of frustration with the political administration and the inactivity of those in power on climate change reform in Australia as well as in many other countries. Fortunately there are quite a number of respected scientists and environmentalists who are starting to be heard above the posturing of many of our politicians. Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, I’ve often wondered why most people listen to and adhere to the advice of scientists speaking and writing about COVID, but far too many of the same people are dismissive about the science of climate change. We will find a way of living with COVID; we won’t find a way of living on an overheated planet unless we act now.