Project Description

Reading Time: 2 mins

An interview with Bruce Maynard- the inventor of No Kill Cropping who describes the principles and processes involved. This revolutionary technique changes the assumptions of crop growing that have been conducted over the last 7000 years. No Kill is a system that grows crops within grasslands without destroying the grasslands.

The second video shows how the Maynard family have integrated a huge suite of farming methods on the one property. The techniques include No Kill Cropping, No Kill Rehabilitation, No Kill Revegetation, Cell Grazing, Holistic Resource Management, Whole Farm Planning, Forage Shrub Plantings, Direct Tree Seeding, Seed Orchards, Access Laneways, Alley Farming, Stress Free Stockmanship, Carbon Tree Plantings and Soil Carbon projects. A long list of innovation and a rare example of on ground integration of sustainable methods of land management.