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A battle looms for the Federal seat of Hume in the forthcoming Federal election. Hume is currently held by Angus Taylor Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, and it comes as no surprise that an independent will contest the seat.

Penny Ackery, a long-term Goulburn resident and former teacher is standing for Hume as an independent. Penny is endorsed by one of Australia’s best-known independents, Cathy McGowan who won the seat of Indi from the Liberals in 2013 and held the seat until her retirement from parliament in 2019. In 2019, Indi was won by yet another excellent independent, Helen Haines who holds the seat today.

We already have some very good and progressive independent Parliamentarians and Senators, and it looks like there could be some valuable independent candidates such as Penny Ackery joining them for the 2022 election.


Photo of Penny Ackery is from Matt Murfitt, Inside Story, and story about Penny Ackery in Inside Story