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It becomes tedious when the same bloke is in the news almost every day because he’s said or done something to upset yet more people. Unfortunately that is the case with our Prime Minister Morrison and this time he’s really TRUMPED it!

Not in response to the ugly scenes, death threats and violence on Melbourne’s street last week, but at the insistence of the media, Morrison belatedly stated that “of course, those threats and intimidation have no place in Australia”. This short statement was followed by Morrison giving justification for the threats and violence by saying he understood people were frustrated and sick of being told what to do. That’s when a denunciation is not a denunciation! It’s taking a leaf from Trump’s prayer book and hoping Australians are as stupid as some of the Americans who listened to Trump. Well Mr Morrison, they’re not! And Australians know when they are being badly led, or not led at all.

Using government actions or inactions and peoples frustration to nullify a denunciation of violence, threats and intimidation on the streets is not something a responsible and caring leader does.