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Does Morrison even understand hydrogen technology as a renewable energy source? Hydrogen hubs are being touted as the next good thing in the renewable energy industry, but mostly only in Australia. This weekend, Morrison has promised 2 new hydrogen hubs for Western Australia, which would seem to be yet another boost for the fossil fuel industry. Why? Because the technology to produce hydrogen requires an enormous amount of power and that power will have to come from coal fired and gas power stations.

Again, Morrison uses tricky and deception to hide the truth. He only ever tells the whole story when it’s electorally favourable to him and his party.

So, let’s re-phrase Morrison’s announcement in more truthful, transparent terms.

Today, Prime Minister Morrison announced that 2 new hydrogen hubs will be built in Western Australia as part of the promised $275 million handout to those supposedly developing the technology, many of which are mining companies. The fossil fuel extraction company boardrooms are celebrating today as their chief benefactor finds yet another way to distribute public money to them, as well as shoring up the immediate future of coal mines and coal-fired power stations.

Morrison why haven’t you given more support to truly renewable energy sources that actually work?

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