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By |2023-05-30T10:05:05+10:00May 20, 2022|Angus Taylor, climate change, coal, emissions reduction, POLITICS, Scott Morrison|

This very self-explanatory graph (thanks to Graham Readfearn, The Guardian) is something that Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor and current Prime Minister Morrision would prefer you didn't see. For the sake of the environment and our children's futures, hopefully, by this time next week, it won't be Taylor making [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Morrison’s trickery and deception is clever, but we know him now!

By |2022-04-19T16:29:03+10:00April 19, 2022|coal, COP26, global warming, Morrison, Scott Morrison, truthfulness|

Does Morrison even understand hydrogen technology as a renewable energy source? Hydrogen hubs are being touted as the next good thing in the renewable energy industry, but mostly only in Australia. This weekend, Morrison has promised 2 new hydrogen hubs for Western Australia, which would seem to be yet [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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