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Lobbying UNESCO in an attempt to remove any reference to 1.5C global warming

Australia is trying to block a UN recommendation that countries should try to keep global heating to 1.5C to protect world heritage sites from the impacts of the climate crisis.

The Australian government says that major decisions about world heritage-listed places being damaged by climate change – which would include the Great Barrier Reef – should be put on hold.

Richard Leck, head of oceans at WWF Australia, described Australia’s attempts to remove the reference to 1.5C as “hugely significant” and “bewildering”.

“Australian officials trying action is not only inconsistent with well-established science, but also with the government itself. It is very hard to understand why the Australian government is looking to have this language removed.”

On the contrary, this writer finds the government action quite consistent with all they are doing to preserve the fossil fuel industries in Australia at their current level. The coalition are proving to be climate vandals who appear to have little or no idea of the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis.

It’s time for more grassroots, community action!