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If you’re concerned about climate change and committed to positive action to reverse global warming there are a couple of things you can do that won’t take a lot of time, won’t lose you friends, but will make a difference.

1. Get involved in community action, either as an individual or in a local climate action group. Contact your local State and Federal politicians and if they are Labor, tell them the community is tired of their rhetoric and would like to see some of the action and policy promised when they were trying to get elected. Send an email or make a phone call to them not once, but once a week*! And, if your ‘local’ is a from the other side, ask them why they support fossil fuel miners over their own constituents and a healthy, clean and cooler environment.
*(PS: Did you know that if you sit down and actually write a letter and post it to your local MP they have a moral obligation to reply.)

2. Let your family and friends know where you stand and, without harping on, outline your climate case with some factual evidence. They are family and friends and at the very least they will respect your views.

Importantly, know when to listen. There are still people out there who watch the Sky News and read the press articles of climate deniers and for the time being, you just have to step back and let them self-destruct!