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Morrison has backed a Senate inquiry into the ABC’s handling of complaints. The enquiry was instigated by Liberal senator Andrew Bragg, possibly at the behest of a disgruntled Fox News after the ABC decided not to act on any of Fox’s complaints about the Four Corners program about Fox News.

Although this website is primarily a climate blog, I think it’s important to know that the person ultimately in charge of climate policy makes the wrong decisions in other areas as well. Morrison’s support of Bragg is a good example, because Bragg circumvented the usual way of setting up an enquiry, which is by asking the Senate to support an enquiry, and used the legislative committee where, surprise, surprise – the coalition government has a majority.

It’s almost as though Morrison is going out of his way to get people offside. Does he have any idea just how popular the ABC has become, especially with the demise of most other moderate public voices? Obviously not, because if there is one thing Morrison is good at it is politicking. However, when Morrison took a reading on this issue he got it very, very wrong.